7 Reasons for Stellar Lumens (XLM) Growth

Stellar has drown much attention of the crypto community recently as its price has risen 80 times over last months. So what are the project’s specifics and is it able to reach its goals and touch new heights?

Let us recall first that Stellar with its XLM tokens allows for transferring funds between persons, companies and banks as fast and easy as can be. It’s just like chatting in messenger.



For the first days Stellar partnered up with Irish techno major Stripe. In the subsequent months IBM turned to take interest in the project as well which augmented Stellar’s credibility. You won’t see that everyday a Fortune 500 company joining cryptocurrency project.

It is cheap

Funny thing, people have some unconscious fear buying, say, a thousandth of an asset. To date Stellar is the cheapest coin in Top-20 at Coin Market Cap. Of course, there are other low cost coins but comparing Stellar and Ripple makes it clear that Stellar is much more valuable.

Big ICOs just started using Stellar

Only few coins allow launching own ICO but Stellar simplifies the matter. ICO Mobius has just finished token advance sale for $ 30,000,000 while accepting only one currency which is Stellar. Analysts assert many ICOs shift from Bitcoin and Ethereum to NEO and Stellar in 2018.


One of the major challenges for crypto market newcomers is converting fiat money into digital currency. Ambitious FairX project based on Stellar plans to find the solution for this.

Own StackExchange

Stellar team goes all out to get Stack Exchange (Q&A website) designed for Stellar only so that developers could get all their questions answered which surely facilitate technology acceptance. Solutions like this level up benefit of the doubt in the community.


If you have visited any Stellar forum during the last few weeks you could possibly notice they gaining popularity and activity. Thus, Stellar acceptance is getting more extensive. Just have a look at the number of the ”buy stellar” requests googled recently:


On-coming news

Stellar held a meeting in Singapore lately where detailed project road map was announced. Specified road map for 2018 is to be released on January 25, while news from FairX coming in January or early February.