5 Interesting Numbers About Blockchain


Without any doubts, blockchain technology was one of the hottest topics in 2017. It was the year when industrial and tech giants became more and more interested in this technology and some of them even adopted it. We collected 5 interesting numbers about blockchain technology, so you can have a better understanding of this hype topic. 

$620 million: Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market at the end of 2017 according to CoinMarketCap. It grew by more than 35 times from the start of the year.

$2.1 billion: Estimated global spendings on blockchain solutions in 2018, according to IDC.

Stacey Soohoo, a research manager in IDC, says:

"The year 2018 will be a crucial stage for enterprises as they make a huge leap from proof-of-concept projects to full blockchain deployments. As a leader in blockchain innovation and integration, the US will continue to invest in blockchain throughout the forecast, spending heavily in financial services, manufacturing, and other industries."

42,8%: Estimated amount of yearly growth of blockchain space, according to Netscribes. Researchers believe that key factor of this growth will be an adoption of the technology "in financial transactions and cross-border payments".

3: This many times the amount of blockchain-related job postings on Linkedin grew in 2017. Lots of employers are in dire need of blockchain developers and specialists. They are creating training centers, use outsourcing and even trying to snap up young talents before their graduation from college. 

13%: The share of global IT-leaders who intend to implement blockchain technology, according to IDG Connect research. However, this number also shows that most IT-directors are in no hurry with the blockchain adoption.