Blockchain-based AI or What DeepBrain Chain Is

DBC blockchain new cryptocurrency

Blockchain industry surprises wide audience with its innovations and integrations into various areas of life regularly. For instance, a relatively new DeepBrain Chain project combines artificial intelligence with blockchain technology for a brand new computing platform.

Computing platforms today are a pricy tool, particularly as far as scalable solutions are concerned. The DeepBrain Chain team believes, it can change the situation having offered cheap and adjustable decentralized computing platform for artificial intelligence with emphasis laid upon decentralized neural net and safe data trading.

All computing resources necessary for this net are available via nodes located worldwide. Node operators receive DeepBrain coin (DBC) for these resources.

Even if demand for calculations rises manifolds unexpectedly, DeepBrain Chain can handle such fluctuations. Invalid nodes will be set on every time demand outbalances currently distributed computing resources. This means that users who launch nodes may first refuse from some specific projects yet resume them in future. That is a challenging business model which opens numerous prospects for people wishing to offer computing resources.

There are several advantages for using DeepBrain coin as a part to this environment. Companies and AI developers may “purchase” computing capacity for this currency with tokens being rewarded to node owners for provided resources. Given over 100 corporate and 200 000 individual clients already using DeepBrain Chain system, demand for computing capacity is expected to increase as time goes on which will cause the coin rate growth as well.