The Best ASIC Miners. Top-5

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At the beginning of the existence of Bitcoin, CPUs of personal computers were more than enough to solve cryptographic problems. Since then, the complexity of cryptocurrencies has been rising and has increased by more than 51%. Today, solving these problems requires special computers with built-in ASIC chips, specifically designed only for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining. They are called ASIC miners.

It is safe to say that today there miners are present the most effective way of cryptocurrency mining. These devices has truly amazing speed, and more effective versions of them regularly appear with time. However, huge number of energy consumption for this procedure should not be forgotten. In fact, it may take several months to cover these costs. 

But if you has weighed all pros and cons and decided to purchase this device, then we are ready to help you, by compiling our top 5 ACIS miners list. It is worthy to note, that two main factors one should consider when buying this device are the hash rate and the cost. 

Hash rate (hash per second or H/s) is the number of calculations that a device can perform per second. It is measured in kilo-, mega-, giga-, tera-, peta-, exa- hashes per second. The higher the hash rate, the higher the probability of solving the cryptography problem. 

Also, using this measure you can determine the number of hashes you get per each consumed watt of electricity. Just divide the hashes into watts. For example, for a device with 500 GH/s and 400 watts this measure is 1.25 GH/s per watt. 

So, let us present our list of the 5 best ASIC mining devices:

1. Antminer S9

Price: $2,320.
Power consumption: 1,375 W.
Hash rate: 13,5 TH/s.


  • Well-known manufacturer
  • Energy efficient


  • Cost

Antminer S9 is the product of one of the most famous companies in the cryptocurrency industry, Bitmain. The most popular and most effective mining device on the market, according to the overwhelming number of its users and a number of experts. A recognized standard, with which all other devices are compared.

At the moment, S9 is the most energy saving ASIC device. However, it is worth noting that it depends on where you live (because of electricity rates) and what kind of power supply unit (which is not included in the set) you use.

Despite the fact that the S9 is not the cheapest mining device, nevertheless, it has an unbelievable popularity. Owing to these facts, we advise you to buy mining devices (not only S9, but any device) only in official stores, because on other websites, like eBay, the prices can be much higher. Moreover, online auctions do not exclude the possibility of fraud.

Bitmain regularly improves specs of its device. Later in March the company plans to release a new version of S9.

2. Antminer S7

Price: $1,300-1,600.
Power consumption: 1,293 W.
Hash rate: 4,73 TH/s.
Approximate daily profit: 0.00061590 BTC.


  • Cheaper than S9
  • Highly profitable


  • Can be bought only from online auctions.

Antminer S7 is the predecessor S9.

Hash rate of S7 is almost 3 times less than that of S9, however, due to its relatively low price and the fact that most of the used devices already have an installed power supply unit, this device can be considered a good option for the purchase. Moreover, it generates way less noise and heat than S9.

But be careful if you buy this device. Make sure to check how long it was used,seller's rating and reviews. Also pay attention to the power supply unit, if the device has one. It should have necessary specs to ensure the maximum efficiency of mining. We advise you to buy devices with a power supply AWP3++ by Bitmain. 

However, do not forget that even with the most effective power supply S7 is less effective than S9. However, you can still make a good profit with this device, especially if you buy numerous of S7s and use sources of renewable energy, for example solar energy. 

3. AvalonMiner 761

Price: $1,860
Power consumption: 1,320 W.
Hash rate: 8,8 TH/s.
Approximate daily profit: 0.00114587 BTC.


  • Pretty affordable
  • Well-known manufacturer


  • Lack of online technical support

Subsidiary of a Chinese company Canaan Creative, Avalon, is one of the first manufacturers specialized on ASIC chips. Production of the company is popular and earned the trust of consumers. It is also believed that there devices are the quietest ones. 

AvalonMiner 761 lets you build mining clusters, due to the AUC3 converter, which allows the support of up to six devices at a time. The converter itself can be connected to other devices, thereby forming even larger clusters.

The power supply for this unit costs about $150. A full equipped set of this miner costs less than the same set of S7. Moreover, AM761 has a much higher hash rate and is more energy efficient than the Bitmain product. 

However, Avalon's ASICs are not as popular as Antminers, and it is proved by the less number of users. In addition, if one has any problems with the device, receiving tech support from Avalon might be difficult.

4. WhatsMiner M3

Price: $1,899
Power consumption: 2,000 W.
Hash rate: 12,5 TH/s.
Approximate daily profit: 0.00162765 BTC.


  • 6 months warranty
  • Power supply is included


  • Selling like hot cakes

M3 was released late last year by Pangolin Miner. It is worthy to note, that on the website of the manufacturer there is not only detailed information about its technical parameters, but also a training video on how to configure the device.

Hash rate of M3 is less than S9's, therefore it is cheaper. Although, this device consumes the large amount of energy, built-in fans prevent it from overheating. However, the noise level of M3 is nearly the same as for S9.

A free warranty for six months is the feature that is definitely worth mentioning.

5. AvalonMiner 821

Price: $2,520
Power consumption: 1,200 W.
Hash rate: 11 TH/s.
Approximate daily profit: 0.00143233 BTC.


  • High hash rate
  • Energy efficient


  • Available for wholesale purchase only

AvalonMiner 821 is an improved version of the 761. Unlike its predecessor, this device contains 16-nanometer 104 A3210 chips, which guarantee an increased hashing speed by more than 20%, compared to the seventh-series device.

The energy efficiency of 821 is 0.109 J on GH, which is almost 10% less than the S9, but the hash rate of this device is less than that of the Antminer product.

The power supply unit, as in the case with 761s, is not included and you need to purchase it by yourself, and it costs about $200. Due to AUC3 converter, you can build a cluster of five 821 ASICs.