Top 3 Cryptocurrencies That Set Market on Edge in 2017

Top Cryptocurrency RaiBlocks Verge Pepecash Nano

In 2017 mass media reported quite often on a huge crypto market growth and referred to Ripple (XRP) as a currency with cost increased by 36000% since the beginning of the year. Indeed, Ripple has proven to be the most successful one of the year 2017… if taking account of the top 10 coins on the crypto market. But along with the tip of crypto iceberg there is a number of other coins to go one better than Ripple last year.

3. Pepecash

Since January 1, 2017 a system for registering works of art known as Pepecash has developed a community for artists and meme fans.

After influx of popularity at Japan and Venezuela markets Pepecash experienced an explosive growth started in May and finally reached the peak point of more than 1000 satoshi (the coin cost only 20 satoshi at the beginning of the year). During the period of the summer bear market the meme cryptocurrency held on better than most of its rivals and finished the year with the price of $0.09 or 650 satoshi. As a result, Pepecash has risen by about 47500% in 2017.


2. Verge

Despite Verge (XVG) having been repeatedly subject to criticism for the matter of its technological value no one can negate its frantic growth in 2017. At the beginning of last year XVG was a Dogecoin fork of little notice priced as few as 2 satoshi with total market cap of $250 000.

However, due to critical innovations and approval of major cryptocurrency market players with the John McCafee among them Verge came to the spotlight in December. The coin has increased tenfolds in few days. The 2017 final price made up a little less than 1 200 satoshi or about $0.155. Thus, the Verge growth amounted to about 750 000 %.


1. Nano

Verge, был RaiBlocks (now called NANO) break-in was far later than that of Verge, its free instant transactions have drawn attention of the whole cryptocurrency world. Though RaiBlocks (XRB) exists for many years already, people took note of it in April 2017 only when the coin first started being traded on exchanges.

By ending up 2017 with over 0.0012 BTC (~$17) Nano has shown an incredible 6 500 000 % growth.

Yet there is more to come. If taking into account a bit of 2018 in this top list, only January 1 to be more exact, the coin turns out to double its price up to 35 USD over-new-year-night. Its growth has run at immense 13 000 000 %.