Top Six ICOs to Be Sold Out Quickest


Over the past few months, the ICO industry has reached a completely new level of hype. Despite the fact that this sector faced a large regulatory reaction, many projects have been collecting money quite successfully. But some of them have managed to do it incredibly fast. Below there is a list of 6 ICOs sold out most rapidly:

  1. Golem - in a sense the founder of the "ICO race". After its raising $8.6 million in 29 minutes at the start, many analysts considered this result to be the limit of the ICO industry's ability. However, since then this record has been beaten dozens, if not hundreds, times. But not to mention Golem, as a "pioneer" is simply impossible.
  2. Gnosis - despite the fact that many predicted the failure of this project, and the goal of 12 million was considered impossible, the project took less than 10 minutes to raise the given amount.
  3. Aragon - a digital jurisdiction platform that could raise $25 million in 15 minutes. However, this project has a lot of critics who do not believe in its success. According to them, reaching a cap quickly is the only thing that the platform can do successfully.
  4. Viberate - In just 4 minutes and 42 seconds the project achieved its goal, raising about $10 million.
  5. Bancor - to discuss the recent ICO and not to mention Bancor is simply impossible. This project has attracted a lot of attention from investors around the world. This is the new standard for creating smart tokens, which will probably shake the entire industry in the future. The team collected $152 million in just 3 hours. However, much time was wasted due to the congestion of the Ethereum network. If there were no problems with the network's functioning, raising $150 million would take only an hour and a half.
  6. Basic Attention Token is an absolute record holder. The project has managed to raise $36 million in just 30 seconds.