Top 10 Most Popular ICO Branches in 2017

2017 has become the year of ICO. A huge amount of money was attracted through this new way of financing. Some industries received less attention from investors, and some enjoyed it to the full. It is the latter that are to be discussed:

10. Mining. A total of $20.21 million has been attracted to this sphere this year.

9. Identification. Despite the huge interest in improvements in security systems and the protection of personal data, this area attracted "only" $33 million.

8. Trade and advertising. Focused on this area ICOs raised $49.98 million.

7. Gambling and betting. The cryptocurrency and gambling have always gone side by side. This year was no exception. $69 million.

6. Gaming and VR. The connection between VR, games and cryptocurrencies still needs improving. Both developers and investors, who invested $92.475 million in this area, believe so.  

5. Finance. Blockchain is able to turn the world of finance upside down. And $147 million can help it in this.

4. Payments. $183.37 million was raised to create or update payment systems.

3. Trade and investment. This industry has always been a large part of the cryptocurrency as a whole. Thanks to ICOs, investors can now help create trading and investment platforms for the future. ICOs have raised more than $220 million this year.

2. Data storage. Companies in this industry have been able to raise $286.22 million.

1. Infrastructure. More than 44% of all funds raised with the help of ICOs for the year 2017 are kept in this sphere.