Briton Created a Mining Rig Which Uses Your Breath

As everyone knows, mining is an extremely power-consuming procedure. This is why inventors all over the world have been trying to find a way to reduce the amount of energy spending on mining. Some of them create mining 'windmills', others use Tesla electric cars. Most of these solutions are odd and, let's be honest, can not be used as a working alternative. British inventor Max Dovey has also come out with a very unordinary way of mining cryptocurrency: he developed a device capable of mining cryptocurrency literally from the air. 

The device is called Breath, which is unsurprising. On the surface it is a medical apparatus, spirometer, which is measuring the amount of inhaled and exhaled air of a person. During this operation, the device determines hashrate, which is sent to the computer connected to the blockchain-network. And that's how mining begins. 1 puff per second equals 1000 hashing operations. As a result, the more often you breathe, the more Monero you mine. However, if you think that 1000 hashes is many, you are being mistaken. There are around 500 million hashing operations per second in Monero network. 

So far, the project, which was launched last year, has generated cryptocurrency worth about $1. Yes, one dollar. However, Dovey says that the project is not about earning money. It was created purely out of interest and desire to create a truly alternative way of mining. 

Dovey wrote in the statement:

"Turning the act of breathing into an active miner on the blockchain network encourages us to consider more sustainable and psychological methods to maintain blockchains."