How to Make A Million Dollars in Bitcoin with a $800 Laptop?

Cryptocurrency mining studies

Almost any device capable of making simple calculations may contribute to crypto mining pool which means almost any device can be used for mining any cryptocurrency you may wish for, even if it is Bitcoin.

That is only a matter of time.

We used mining pool NiceHash for our tests to find out how much time it takes to mine $1,000,000 in bitcoin with only some laptops on hand. First, we had to create a NiceHash account and download a free software pack. The only thing left afterwards was to tap into the wallet and start off.

For this purpose we used Asus ZenBook UX330UA with integrated GPU. Just to be safe we also had some other ones like Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming, Dell XPS 13, Microsoft Surface Pro and MacBook Pro 15.

First, we were mining up to 24 hours at ZenBook to set a basic level but soon we realized that our small pool requires more power to reach for the cherished goal of $1 mln. So we started all our laptops, boosted power supply significantly and left them all working for the next 24 hours.

So how much did we make with all our laptops joined into bitcoin-pools? Well, we earned up to nine cents a day at one and about 40 will all devices on depending on the current rate. This means, we need just a little more than 6800 years to become bitcoin millionaire from mining on laptops.

Accordingly, though you can mine cryptocurrency with any outdated laptop, you’re probably don’t really need to do so. Unless you’ve got another thousand years vacant.